A Missing Part of Queen Elizabeth’s Death Stories

Queen Elizabeth ii’s Death

Queen Elizabeth II has died at age 96. She served as monarch for more than six decades. The whole world mourns on this incident. The royal family poured announcements and condolences from world leaders, famous personalities and from the people who followed her majesty during her time.

All the media network alert on minute-to-minute incidents while presenting the story of this powerful soul from her birth to what happen after her death.

But, we Zelus365 felt there is some missing part to brings up on your attention.

Her death prompted an outpouring of tributes across social media and the internet. Here’s a look at how artists from the different parts in the world paid tribute to her legacy through touching work of art.

Here we brought some commemorative art pieces from that, where we found over the social media.

#1. Princes Philips, welcoming her majesty to his world.

As we all known, the Royal couple were closely bonded with each other through out their life. There were lots of footages that they spent time happily and make joke with each other.

We found this beautifully knitted creation on facebook. Do not know much about the creator. Anyhow it is amazing to see.

#2. Hard to believe, it is a cake

We’ve seen several dummies of queen made out of wax in some museums. This is the first time we found some realistic cake structure.

#3. London's Piccadilly Circus billboard went black again

London's Piccadilly Circus billboard
Source: the.wonder.list

#4. “Queen being greeted by her beloved corgis in heaven”

Artist Savannah Fulmer Alarcon (@savvydragonart), from Ohio, created a scene depicting the Queen being greeted by her beloved corgis in heaven.

#5. “I’m glad to see you again my love”

#6. Her Majesty with beloved corgi and her pink dress

#7. “96 years in a single canvas”

#8. Queen’s style amigurumi

#9. Paddington Bear and the Queen

#10. “The queen is missing”

The artist being able to present the real feel among the people. None of the King or any character can replace her.

#11. Queen and her pets

This was one of the earliest came in to public, immediate after the queen’s death announcement. Corgi and Paddington bear walk with Her Majesty.

#12. It is close enough

Hope that you all enjoyed these beautiful creations. We give all the credit to the respective creators on these contents. Do not forget to share them with your friends too. It may help to build awareness on these artists and would be the best appreciation we could give on them.

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