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A Young Girl Delighted When Disney Princes Speaks to Her In ASL

It is really comfortable where we can interact with others in our own language. Yes, no doubt. If not, think about a moment where you are in middle of a society, all others speak some other language which is not familiar on you.

Little Zoe, A 11 years old girl got surprised with the incident she met at the Disneyland in California. Zelus365 thought that you may like to read this amazing story.

During the tour of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, she approached the famous Disney character of Princess Anna. The woman who dressed like the character, suddenly start to speak in American Sign Language (ASL) with her.

Look how happy she is

Source: Jeanette Tapley

Zoe’s parent who seen the incident got surprised too. Because Zoe is a cute girl, but in most cases, she needs the support of her parent to understand what others say.

Zoe with Disney Princess
Source: Jeanette Tapley

As per Jeanette, Zoe’s mother, she got delighted when she saw that Zoe chat freely with the character at the park. She captured the special moment and shared to the TikTok. You may realize how the people respond to such after watching the video.

“Take some time today to slow down.
It is life-changing for us and others”

Jeanette Tapley

Disney Princess Speaks with Zoe in ASL, the viral TikTok

Disney Princess with Zoe
Source: Jeanette Tapley

If we look way back of Disneyland history, this is another event which occurred after 2016, where Captain America who interact with a person in ASL.

Captain America speaks in ASL with a person met at Disney Land

Source: xoxogossipjade

Disneyland has been working on this concept since 2010, and finally above incidents proven that they are starting to see the fruits of their labor. We would be thankful on them regard their sweet effort toward an equal society.

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