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Bennifer Ties Knots; Wedding Story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

What women should know; a man who truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is. It took nearly 20 years for Jennifer Lopez to get back to her man Ben Affleck after their breakup back in 2003. Yesterday (17 July) Jen released massive number of pics and footages of her wedding to Ben surprising the whole internet community. Most of the fans and even paparazzies never saw it was coming! Therefore, it is safe to say the couple’s wedding took the world by surprise.

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About a 20 years ago the couple as about to marry in a grand style after gaining lots of attention from the fans across the world. Despite, dating for quite a long time and appearing in the public, the couple never made it to the altar, and they cancelled their wedding at the eleventh hour in 2003. The reason they brought out for cancelling the wedding was “excessive media attention”

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They announced their breakup in January 2004 and Jen would Marry Marc Anthony while Ben partnered with Jennifer Garner. Despite their breakup, the duo had respected each other and displayed the same in the public and media whenever the matter brought to discuss. That shows the affection they had towards each other.

Despite all odds, now they have become husband and wife and this time Jen could happily walk through the isle. Bennifer was the name given by media for this duo back in early 2000s and now the term has resurfaced after their surprise wedding. The couple engaged in April 2022, and they were surprisingly able to hide their moves of wedding planning since then until Je dumped her wedding pics into the internet.

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Jennifer will move to Ben’s newly bought mansion which he spent $60 million in Beverly Hills.

We congrats them for a happy wedded life.



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