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Even Though the Child Was Delivered While the Mother Was on Her Deathbed, the Father Did a Miracle

During delivery, a mother suffered cardiac arrest and was declared clinically dead. But her brave husband does something incredible for his wife Melanie and their newborn daughter Gabriela.

Let’s find out what went down and how this tale concludes, shall we?


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Doug and Melanie are the main characters in this true love story. Melanie was expecting her second child at the time of the incident and was pleased to find out that she had a daughter.


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Brady, the firstborn, was delighted to get a sister for the first time. Brady and Doug took turns listening to the baby kick most nights. The pregnancy went smoothly, and the first signs of labor did not appear until the 39th week. However, something unexpected occurred in week 39 because Melanie experienced a minor contraction. She and Doug entered the hospital smiling because it wasn’t yet that life-threatening.


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Because the time has come, she While at the hospital preparing to deliver her daughter, the nurse realized something was wrong. She was lightheaded and slightly nauseous.


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The nurse tried to find the cause of her lightheadedness. Her resume gave no clue that anything was wrong with her, which was surprising. Melanie’s eyes suddenly closed. Her heart rate and blood pressure both decreased to zero.As seconds passed, she turned blue and could no longer breathe. The heart rate of the unborn infant dropped sharply. However, the situation worsened as the child had not yet been born.


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After recommending that she undergo several diagnostic procedures, the medical staff discovered that she was suffering from an amniotic fluid embolism after performing a scan on her. When amniotic fluid enters her bloodstream, her heart and lungs stop working.


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Her situation was exceedingly critical while she was in the operating room, and the surgeons did not have much hope for her survival. They were still attempting to save the girl. He was told that her condition was critical, that she wouldn’t survive, and that even if she did, she’d never be the same.


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Can somehow Doug accepts this? It was heartbreaking news for Doug, who adored his wife. The couple has been awaiting the birth of their child for the past few months; can she now say goodbye? How can this happen to the wife who cherished every moment of her life?


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He decided to do the best he could. He knelt before God and began to pray.

“God, you know this is too much for me to bear. But you can do something for us. You are the only one who has the strength to do that. I trust you. But please let me hug my wife again.”


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Her plight spread among those closest to the family, and they began to pray. They all prayed to God to save this unfortunate poor woman’s life. The prayer spread via social media, and others joined in as well. As a result, many people were interested in this surgery when it was performed.


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As everyone watched silently, the doctors worked hard to bring her back to life. The child was lucky that another group of doctors could save him. However, Doug did not yet know.


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He’d heard about the unpleasant experience for a long time, but it wasn’t until now that he realized what it meant. He was delighted not only for his little daughter but also for the life of his beloved wife. Doctors brought her back to life after a while, but her pulse was still weak.


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Melanie was transferred to the intensive care unit after 48 hours, where doctors did everything they could to keep her breathing. However, her health condition rapidly deteriorated. Melanie’s surgeon brother was shocked when he reviewed her medical records. She was in a state of cardiovascular collapse.


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This unfortunate situation saddened everyone in the family; some were ready to give up on her. Doug returned to her bed after thinking about how Brady and Gabriele’s lives would be incomplete without Melanie.

“All of us love you. Brady and Gabriella are waiting for you. You must face this situation with courage. Remember that we’re all waiting for you.”


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Melanie was in extremely serious condition despite two blood transfusions. The medical staff tried to remedy her condition before discovering the little oversight they eventually did. As a result of cesarean , an artery was severed during the caesarean section, and the blood transfusion was not done correctly.


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She had to stop bleeding the second time quickly, so she was retaken to the operating room. The doctors found 5 liters of blood in her abdomen and had to stuff towels into her stomach to stop the bleeding. So, they couldn’t close her belly, so she was open and more likely to get an infection for more than 12 hours.


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Her health state was significantly worse than before. Her heart and lungs were failing, and the only thing keeping her alive was a ventilator.


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Even if she survived, doctors believed she would be neurologically handicapped. The physicians only chose to transport her to a hospital with more facilities. She was linked to an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation machine in the hospital to restore her heart and lungs. Additionally, her neurological functioning was also evaluated.


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Doug never gave up hope, though, so when he saw her again, he said, “Hello, dear.” Even though Melanie felt weak, Doug’s voice gave her strength again, and tears trickled from her eye. This was the best indication for the doctors that she was not brain-dead.


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As surgeons prepared for the final operation that could save her life, a sudden surge of hope swept through the room. Doug entered the room shortly before the anesthesia was administered and handed her a photograph of Gabriel. Seeing a picture of her daughter made her feel like a mom again. If she could have, she would have jumped out of bed to go see her “princess.” She began to cry, but she was sedated again and rushed into surgery. Although her chances of survival were slim, her family felt some hope for the first time. 


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Within 24 hours, she was able to breathe on her own without the ventilator. Later that night, her husband came into the room to see her, and it was a touching reunion. Melanie didn’t remember much of what had happened. But when her husband told her about it, she was surprised and thankful to everyone who prayed for her. The scene where she holds her newborn child for the first time is the most touching part of the story. Melanie must be the luckiest mom in the world.


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How did this universal work happen? Because of the prayers’ effectiveness, the doctors’ and nurses’ ability, or some other unidentified force? Melanie thanked everyone for saving her life and her baby’s life. Many unbelievable and unexplainable things happen in the world. Do you think Melanie’s sad story is like that?

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  1. God is SO good!! Thank you Lord for using that doctor and staff to get her through that! God bless them and that family!!!!!!


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