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How to overcome shyness: Try these 7 Tips

Shyness is an absolutely normal human behavior that can be experienced by any one of us at any point in our life. Therefore, it is not an illness or sickness that you have to get medicine. There are ample ways to overcome shyness, and, in this article, we are going to explore some tips to overcome shyness and gain confidence.

Convince yourself that you can overcome shyness.

How you can convince yourself that you can overcome shyness and gain confidence. Here is a great tip that you can easily practice. Whenever you feel shy or feel lonely, just go in front of a mirror, and say out loud to yourself “I am not shy, I am terrific!!!” You can say this as much as you want, and you definitely will feel good afterward. Keep doing this for a quite long period you find amazing results.

Get out of the “spotlight effect”

The spotlight effect is that whenever you are in a large gathering, you feel that everyone’s eyes are on you despite it having been not so. You must confront this to overcome shyness. How can you do it? First, act normal. Be calm and cool. Shift your focus regularly and engage in a conversation with someone you know. Mingle with others and talk to them. Never get this feeling that they all are looking at you. I am sure they have a lot of things to do than that. Maybe they are planning what to eat for dinner or planning their weekend trip. Therefore, keep concentrating on what you are doing instead of what they are looking at.

Cherish the excellent things you do

Remember the things you do that you can be proud of. There are so many strengths you possess than just one weakness. There is so much cool stuff you can do, and you can be, therefore remember them frequently and be proud of them. This will be an important action that can take even to boost your confidence.

Wear smart to overcome shyness

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to wear smart. But carefully select what you wear and be sure that your attire matches the occasion. Be confident in front of large gatherings by presenting yourself in a professional manner. For instance, light-color shirts are good to go in daytime functions and dark-color ones to be worn in night functions.

Talk to yourself

You are the only person in the entire world who knows who you are. There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself and practicing what to talk about in front of social gatherings. Practice makes perfect and I am sure even the most influential public speakers do practice what they are going to speak.

Practice the skills you needed

Mainly, you need to have some communication skills to speak in front of others. If you already have any, just try to polish them and if you don’t have, learn them. This will become handy once you are on a stage speaking to a large audience. Communication skills bring you the confidence to overcome shyness.

Never avoid social gatherings

You are trying to overcome shyness and the best place to do it is social gatherings. You might find yourself in a predicament at first, but I am sure you will get along with a few opportunities. Try to mingle with others, introduce yourself, look for new friends so that you won’t feel alone or shy.


Shyness is not a sickness, and it can be overcome if you handle it tactfully. There are many other ways to overcome shyness, besides what we discuss here in this article, and we hope to bring all of them for your perusal. Please tell us what tip you are going to practice first, in the comment section below. If you have any other tactics, you are welcome to share them with us so that we can learn from each other. If you are an enthusiastic reader of motivational content, you may find this article interesting.  



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