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Lion Dad Juggles Five Cubs In The Absence Of Lioness

What would happen if the father had to care for five children alone in a motherless home? He will have to work hard to control the rebellious children. Only then will you feel the value and worth of your wife? 

A lion father with five children had to experience this. In this post, we’ll introduce you to Singa, an African lion who lives in a zoo in Belgium. Singa is the father of five adorable cubs. Still, he’s had to take on the role of a single dad after his wife, JJ, was attacked by another lioness. Singa might be the jungle king, but when caring for his kids, he’s just like any other dad – a little helpless! 


Photo credit: Linda Smit

Wildlife photographer Linda Smit captured some hilarious photos of Singa struggling to care for his cubs. He was trying to pick them up and move them to what he thought was safer, but his five unruly cubs made it difficult for him. They cried every time he came near them and even bit his tail!


Photo credit: Linda Smit

As Linda Smit explained, “He was trying to lift them, like the mother would do, to carry them to what he probably thought was a safer place. But as a male, he didn’t have the skills or experience to lift them properly. Although he was gentle with the cubs, they screamed whenever he came near and tried to move them. He was very tolerant with them but got grumpy when they were biting his tail.”


Photo credit: Linda Smit

Fortunately, JJ has fully recovered from her injury and has returned to pride. As seen in the last photo, the cubs were delighted to see her again. They ran up and embraced her, happy to have their mom back!


Photo credit: Linda Smit

Overall, this story is a reminder that being a parent is tough, no matter who you are. We should all empathise with others struggling with the same challenges, whether humans or animals. And we should always be grateful for the love and support of our families, who make it all worthwhile!

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