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Festival Where People Fight With Each Other – La Tomatina

Have you ever been to a festival where people fight with each other? or for a festival where people bath tomato juice? If answer is no, Then this will amazed you.

Today, Zelus 365 is taking you to a significant event. The event that is considered the biggest food fight in the world takes place in the Spanish municipality of Bunol on the final Wednesday of every August. Each year, thousands of visitors from all over the world attend the La Tomatina festival in Bunol to see the spectacle.

La Tomatina hasn’t happened in a few years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But this year, on August 31, around 20,000 people from all over the world took part.

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How did La Tomatina start?

In 1945, an incident at a cultural protest in Bunol gave birth to La Tomatina for the first time. A disagreement broke out between a group of young males. They were so angry that they started hurling tomatoes at each other, so they took advantage of a fruit and vegetable stand that was located nearby. The police broke up the fight, and the men who were at fault had to pay the vendor back. The young people had so much fun that they wanted to do it again the following year. So, they came to the parade with tomatoes and started another tomato fight. At the beginning of the 1950s, there were some complaints about the festival. But because of its popularity, La Tomatina became an official event.

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Starting of event

At around 11 am, many trucks carry a large number of tomatoes, about 100 metric tons, to the city’s heart. 

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One courageous soul climbs two stories of a greased wooden pole to get the ham at the top, and then the cheap tomato-snapping ceremony begins.

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Then they start to throw tomatoes at each other. Even though throwing tomatoes at people nearby can be fun, they should first squash the tomatoes, so they don’t hurt anyone.

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There are tomatoes all over the road. The tomato juice covers the whole body. On tomatoes, you can also dance and sing.

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You can be like this young woman lying on the floor in tomato juice.

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This young man dives into the tomato juice as he continues to be hit by tomatoes. If you are like this, you should wear glasses to protect your eyes.

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One could consider this to be ridiculous or meaningless. But for most people who engage in strenuous activities, the enjoyment is immeasurable. When we were kids, we enjoyed splashing with water. These desires do not disappear even when we become adults.

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Tomato fighting may seem childish, but it improves teamwork.

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There is no rule against crawling around like a baby if you feel like it.

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The surrounding buildings are also splattered, but participants are advised not to throw tomatoes directly at the buildings

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Food fights have a long history as celebratory public entertainment or amusement worldwide. It may be found in almost every culture. Since the early Middle Ages, they have been a popular part of European seasonal festivals, especially in the summer.

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Tomatoes are a natural disinfectant to cleanse your skin at La Tomatina.

Source: Juan Medina/Reuters

A second shot fired precisely an hour later means the battle is over. The whole town square is red, and tomato juice flows like rivers. Participants use hoses given by residents to remove tomato sauce from their bodies as fire vehicles go to the streets.

Some refer to it as a wasteful food destruction event. People in Valencia, however, claim that the tomatoes used for La Tomatina can’t be used for anything else. These tomatoes, purchased from the Extremadura area of Spain for a low price, were of such poor quality that they were inedible.

Therefore, Zelus 365 invites you to participate in this event and get maximum enjoyment and happiness.

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