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Things you must know about the most haunted castle of the world

Throughout history, kings, nobles, and aristocrats of the world built massive castles for their benefit and Security. There are both good and unpleasant stories concerning these locations. Murder, crime, rape, torture and destruction of enemies have taken place in these castles endlessly.

These palaces are deteriorating over time, but they are still a major tourist attraction. At the same time, various ghosts, mysterious events, strange sounds and the appearance of strangers have been experienced by various people.

Among the many haunted castles,  the Leap Castle in Ireland is often called the most haunted castle globally. Travelling with your older teenage kids might bring a little extra excitement to your day, and all of you will get the scoop and fantastic experience. Do you like to hear sounds of footsteps, doors opening and closing and crowds talking? However, nothing is apparent when you go in the noise direction. Sometimes, you can find the lady who touches off people. 

The current owner, renovator and caretaker of this castle, Mr Sean Ryan, will bring you back centuries much better than any audiovisual experience and entertain you with his tin whistle. Many individuals claim that meeting him will be fun and educational. I think you would be interested in knowing this castle’s dark and mysterious past. I want to take you back to that dark history now.

#-01The main entrance

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#-02Defensive walls

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#-03Front view

The Leap Castle was built around 1250  by the famous O’carroll clan, renowned for cruelty. After that, the castle was passed from father to son by murdering oppositions, rival families and even their own relations. One of the brothers was a priest. While he held a mass for a family group, his rival brother killed him by a sward to gain power. Now this place is called “The bloody chappel.”. Some people say the slain priest haunts the castle at night.

#-04The bloody chappel

The spiral stairs lead up to the bloody chapel.


Photo credit: www.thestandingstone.ie

The Murder Hole Room

This is the most notable chamber in the Leap castle. The O’Carrolls clan modified a chamber into a small dungeon to throw prisoners. See how they are cruel. It was designed to fall prisoners by trap and fall into wooden spikes. The innocent prisoners die slowly with a horrific death. During castle renovation, tons of skeletons were found in the dungeon and removed from three cartloads.


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The red lady

The Red Lady is another haunting story in the brutal castle. Legend claims she was the captured innocent woman by O’Carrolls clan, raped and became pregnant. After delivering the baby, he killed the child with a blade. She stabbed herself to death in the pain of losing her child. This lady was seen with a dagger raising it as though to stab someone.


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The ghost of two little girls

Two sisters named Charlotte and Emily lived during the 1600s. Unfortunately, The little girl Emily died aged 11 after falling from the castle’s battlements. A little girl can still be seen falling down but disappears before falling to the ground. Some say they saw these two little girls playing in the main hall and running up and down the spiral staircase. Another little girl Charlotte is seen dragging her deformed leg.


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He also plays some music for you.


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King sculptor


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on the ground floor


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One of two windows on the first floor.


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