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After 20 Years, Rare Tree Dormouse Discovered in Austria

A rare tree dormouse was founding in an Austrian forest has not been seen in the wild over 20 years.

The tree dormouse has googly black eyes, silver fur, and a bushy tail with a cuddly toy appearance, but it is a nocturnal omnivore.

Forester Anna-Sophie Pirtscher spent more than two years looking for animal tracks in the Postalm region of Austria. She installed 30 nesting boxes in 15 different locations, but every time she opens one, it is never racked.

But one day, finally Pirtscher discovered sleeping tree dormouse in nesting a box. She did not awaken the nocturnal creature that has about two weeks left before going into hibernation mode, and it is still diligently collecting supplies for the winter.

The project aims to find out more about the species before it hibernates for the winter.



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