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Magical White Deer: Ghosts of the Forest

Sightings of rare and mysterious white deer have become almost mythical over the centuries.


Source: kingdomstv.com

White whitetail-the albino deer is also known as the “white ghost,” exhibit pure white coats as well as pink noses, ears, and hooves.


Source: kingdomstv.com

The chances of a purebred albino deer being born are one in about 20,000, and their survival until adulthood is even worse.


Source: kingdomstv.com

This is because they lost their natural camouflage with their solid white coats, which make them so visible to predators.


Source: kingdomstv.com

During the winter, white deer blend in with the snowy surroundings and appear as ghosts are moving across the forest in a flash.


Source: kingdomstv.com


Source: kingdomstv.com

Bolder Junction in northern Wisconsin is home to the largest herd of a white deer in the state.


Source: kingdomstv.com

It is truly magnificent to see those magical creatures.



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