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Heartwarming Encounter Between an Orangutan and a Breastfeeding Mother Has Gone Viral

Humans, as well as animals, inherit affection for children. We came across a particular case of infant affection by an orangutan.

A nail technician, Gemma Copeland is an avid traveler. Although she had a small child, she didn’t want to give up her hobby. His son, since childhood

She wanted to focus on exploring the land.

From an early age, she wanted to guide her son to travel to different countries. So, Gemma and her partner Shane took their 15-week-old son Jasperto Schönbrunn Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in the world located in Vienna, Austria.  

While they were in the orangutan enclosure, she realized Jasper was hungry, so she sat down against the glass to feed her son.

Source: Gemma Copeland

A female Orangutan suddenly came and made severe inquiries about the breastfeeding mother and the child. The orangutan kissed the glass on the baby’s side, surprising the mother.

Source: Gemma Copeland

The mother watched with great surprise as the child touched the glass near the child and drank the affection. Gamma’s eyes welled up at the sight of the orangutan’s act of love for her child.

Gemma received a flood of comments when her story went viral. Although no words were exchanged, the look she received reaffirmed her beliefs that the grace of her nursing was purely natural.

Source: Gemma Copeland
Source: Gemma Copeland

The genetic code of humans and orangutans is 96.4% the same. They’re intelligent apes, capable of making and utilizing sophisticated tools and constructing elaborate nests out of plant matter.

Source: Gemma Copeland

Even though we humans and animals are distinct species, we inhabit the same planet. In any case, everyone should be treated with dignity. If this story has inspired you, please spread the word and get others involved. You may also like to read Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Doodlebug, Cuddled With A Teddy Bear.



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